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Peekaboo PRO Early Gender DNA Test

Price Varies by Location

The Peekaboo PRO Gender DNA Test kit determines baby’s gender as early as 6 weeks into pregnancy.

  • Professional collection by a provider
  • Over 99% accurate*
  • Results typically available within 1-2 business days after appointment
  • Avoids possible male DNA contamination
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Over 99% Accurate

Proven over 99% accurate starting at 6 weeks in clinical trials.*

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Fast Results

Secure results as soon as same day after your test is received at the lab.

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Money-Back Guarantee

If your test results are incorrect, we guarantee your money back.

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Convenient Professional Collection


Find a local provider with the provider tool and schedule a collection appointment that’s convenient for you.


After your DNA sample has been collected, you or your provider can send the kit back to our lab in the included pre-paid packaging.


After your sample is received and processed at our lab, we will deliver your secure results as soon as the same day!

Accurate results, sent right to your inbox.

Or to a friend to keep secret until the gender reveal party!
Peekaboo Analysis Report results

The Science Behind Peekaboo

Our labs have the most advanced DNA-extraction technology available, giving you accurate results, even in samples with low levels of fetal DNA.

Endorsed by The American Pregnancy Association

When can I take Peekaboo?

Enter the first day of your last period using this pregnancy calculator to see if you're able to take the test.

You are eligible to take the test on or after...

Over 20 Million Tests and Counting

Peekaboo's trusted, accredited lab and experienced in-house PhD teams have performed over 20 million tests worldwide.

What Moms are Saying about Peekaboo

Want to test at home instead? Purchase our Peekaboo At-Home Test Kit to get answers without the office visit.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What sets Peekaboo PRO apart from an at-home baby gender test?

A: When you choose Peekaboo PRO to find out your baby’s gender over an at-home test kit, you can rest assured your experience will be simple, speedy, and stress-free. Some key advantages of using Peekaboo PRO include professional blood sample collection by a licensed phlebotomist and a significant reduction in male DNA contamination risks.

Q: Is the Peekaboo early gender DNA test safe for my pregnancy?

A: The Peekaboo early gender blood test is absolutely safe for both pregnant women and their babies-to-be. Peekaboo products utilize a type of non-invasive prenatal testing that allows mothers to accurately determine whether they will have a boy or girl. All that is required for testing is a small blood sample from the mother.

Q: How early in pregnancy can the Peekaboo early gender reveal test be performed?

A: Peekaboo offers the earliest gender detection of any DNA-based test and can be performed as soon as 6 weeks into the pregnancy with over 99% accuracy.* Our superior equipment and testing methodology make this possible. Use the Eligibility Calculator on this page to see when you can test. The test is not validated for earlier than 6 weeks. Learn more about the science.

Q: How accurate is my result if I find out I was earlier than 6 weeks pregnant at the time of my blood draw?

A: Peekaboo early gender DNA tests may be taken as early as 6 weeks into a pregnancy or later. Accuracy at earlier times is unknown. There is an increased risk of incorrect female gender test results prior to 6 weeks’ gestation, as the fetal DNA could be below the detection limit of the assay.

Q: Does the Peekaboo test offer an accuracy guarantee?

A: We know how important this gender prediction test is to you and promise to provide the earliest, fastest, and most accurate gender DNA-test results on the market. We’re so confident in the accuracy of the Peekaboo test that we offer a 100% money-back guarantee if the gender of your newborn doesn’t match your fetal sex result provided by the blood test.

Q: What is the science behind the Peekaboo early gender reveal test?

A: DDC scientists isolate cell-free fetal DNA from the mother’s blood, followed by amplification of both Y-chromosome and autosomal-specific regions using the latest quantitative real-time PCR (Polymerase Chain Reaction) technology. To determine the baby’s sex, analysts look for the presence of the Y chromosome, which is only found in male DNA. If the Y chromosome is present, then the baby is a boy; if it is not present, then it’s a girl! Learn more about PCR. Learn more about the science of Peekaboo.

Q: Do gender blood tests work for twins?

A: Gender blood tests are not validated for multi-fetal pregnancies. If you are expecting twins or other multiples, we suggest relying instead on ultrasound and ultrasound 4D for determination of your babies’ sexes rather than a using a gender blood test.

Q: I want to have a gender-reveal party! Should I go ahead and schedule it for when my test results are due?

A: We understand Peekaboo is an important test for our customers, which is why we keep test times to a minimum. Before scheduling your gender-reveal party, please consider possible shipping delays or the need for additional sample testing. We suggest waiting to schedule your party until you have your test report in hand.

Q: How are urine-based gender predictor tests different?

A: A pregnant mom’s urine contains no fetal sex-specific characteristics, such as fetal DNA or hormones. Any urine test that claims predict your baby’s gender is likely inaccurate. Detection of male fetal DNA is necessary for any reliable and scientifically-sound gender test.

The Peekaboo Early Gender DNA Test looks for the presence of the Y chromosome in the baby’s DNA which begins circulating in the mother’s blood very early in pregnancy, which determines whether the mother is having a boy or girl. This is the most reliable, scientifically-proven, and accurate process for early gender detection.

Q: How can I predict my baby's gender without a blood test?

A: There are many wives’ tales that claim to predict a baby’s sex. Some examples include the baking soda gender test, the red cabbage gender test, the wedding ring gender test, and more. While these at home tests can be a fun experiment to try, they have no scientific merit and are no better at gender prediction than a coin flip or mother’s natural instinct.

When it comes to determining the gender of a baby during pregnancy, the only reliable methods include a diagnostic test like the Peekaboo Early Gender DNA Test, a prenatal screening such as NIPT testing, or an ultrasound scan.

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