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Are you expecting and curious to learn if your baby is a boy or girl? If so, a gender blood test can be extremely helpful. Typically, optional blood testing for gender is conducted after the 10th week of pregnancy, with results available in approximately one week. However, some early gender blood tests like Peekaboo are available from as early as the 6th week of pregnancy, offering a quicker option for determining gender without an extended waiting period. 

How Early Can You Find Out Gender with Peekaboo?

With the Peekaboo gender blood test, no doctor’s appointment is required, you can take the test comfortably at home, and receive the test results as early as the same day our lab receives your sample.

How Does At-Home Gender Blood Testing Work?

An at-home gender blood test differs from routine pregnancy blood tests by focusing solely on identifying male Y chromosomes in the baby’s DNA, without screening for genetic abnormalities – allowing for fast results. If male Y chromosomes are present in the blood sample, it indicates a baby boy. Conversely, the absence of Y chromosomes suggests a baby girl. 

Ensure Gender Blood Test Sample Accuracy

Although the Peekaboo At-Home Gender Blood Test is highly accurate – greater than 99%, – external factors can influence test results. For instance, a blood sample can be contaminated with male DNA from a husband, son, or even a male pet. 

Some proactive measures to best ensure accurate results include:

  • Having no males present when collecting your sample.
  • Ensuring you are at least 6 weeks pregnant. (Use our due date calculator)
  • Washing your hands before testing.
  • Avoiding communal towels for hand drying.
  • Keeping your collection surface clean and sanitized.

Even seemingly harmless sources like shed fur, dander, or saliva from male pets can lead to false positive results by mixing with the test sample.

How Long Do Gender Blood Test Results Take?

Some of the many benefits taking a gender blood test can provide include: 

  • The speed at which you may receive your results
  • The simplicity of the process
  • A reasonable and economical price

Most at home gender DNA test kit results will be securely delivered to you within 72 hours. But if you choose the Peekaboo At-Home Test or Peekaboo PRO, you can receive the gender blood test results by email as early as the same day our lab receives your sample!

Ready to discover your baby’s gender?

Get the Peekaboo At-Home Early Gender DNA Test, proven to be over 99% accurate, and discover your baby’s gender as early as 6 weeks from the comfort of home!

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