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Making informed decisions is crucial throughout the duration of pregnancy. One important decision to make relatively early is whether or not you plan to utilize early gender testing to determine if you’re having a boy or a girl. If you choose to test for gender early, there are typically two ways to do so – either with an at-home kit or in person at a medical facility. 

While at-home gender testing has many benefits, the advantages of in-office testing can also be attractive to many expecting women. Here, you can learn about why many women choose to gender blood test at the doctor’s office using Peekaboo PRO


How Peekaboo Early Gender Testing Works

Peekaboo lab technicians can isolate cell-free fetal DNA with a small sample of the mother’s blood. After the laboratory receives the blood sample, they will amplify the fetal DNA found in the mom’s blood. Once the DNA sample is amplified, technicians can detect if it contains the male (Y) chromosome. If the sample contains a Y chromosome, it indicates the mother is having a boy. The mother is pregnant with a girl if no Y chromosome is present in the fetal DNA. 

*All Peekaboo laboratory technicians are female, ensuring that male DNA contamination during analysis is extremely unlikely to occur. 


The Benefits of Peekaboo PRO

Some of the many benefits of opting for a gender blood test at the doctor’s office include:


Peace of Mind

For some expectant mothers, the idea of having to collect a blood sample by themselves at home can be stressful. The sight of blood causes some people to feel uneasy, and having to produce a blood sample at home rather than leaving the job of collection up to a doctor can be difficult. 

With Peekaboo PRO, these stresses are minimized, which may be beneficial for the health of both the mother and the baby. By entrusting the collection to trained and licensed phlebotomists in a designated facility, you can rest assured knowing that the process is being handled precisely. 


Minimized Contamination and User Error

While at-home kits are highly accurate and convenient, they also require the tested party to follow specific instructions to prevent contamination. While these instructions are easy to follow, some women would rather test in person to avoid needing to clean a designated space, keeping males and male pets away, and any worries about possible user error. 

By having the blood sample collected professionally at one of Peekaboo’s many nationwide testing facilities, you can take comfort in knowing that the environment is sterile, the equipment is state-of-the-art, and trained phlebotomists carry out the procedure. 


Include Your Partner

Another benefit of Peekaboo PRO is the unique opportunity to include your male partner in this special journey. The potential for male DNA contamination is a valid concern with at-home early gender testing, so it is advised that male partners are not in the process. While many women have successful results with at-home testing, Peekaboo PRO offers a solution for those who would like to mitigate as much risk as possible.  

With Peekaboo PRO, the risk of male DNA contamination is virtually eliminated since the blood sample is expertly drawn intravenously in a controlled environment. Because of this sterile collection process, expectant mothers can bring their male partners with them and share the experience. 


A Quicker Collection

At-home blood collection can take up to ten minutes in some cases. Peekaboo PRO can significantly slash this collection time. A phlebotomist can sometimes fill a one-vial blood sample in under one minute, minimizing the time you spend in the chair. This quick collection is not only convenient, but it also can help to reduce stress for those who are uncomfortable around blood. 


The Larger Blood Sample Allows for Repeat Extraction if Necessary 

In addition to the collection process often being quicker, the blood sample itself will be of a larger volume. Unlike the limited quantities collected during at-home testing, a larger blood sample obtained in a lab setting offers an invaluable advantage: the possibility of repeat DNA extraction if necessary.

While unlikely, if the initial test does not provide conclusive results, having a sufficient sample allows for retesting without requiring the mother to provide more blood. With Peekaboo PRO, you get a built-in safety net that helps ensure the accuracy and reliability of your results.

Ready to discover your baby’s gender?

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